This page contains changes to be made in the next revision of the standard.


Page 2, Reference [16]: “Sherbecue” should be “Sherbecoe.”

Pages 3-5, Tables 1-4: In each of the figure captions the phrase “hearing threshold levels,” should be deleted.

Page 15, Eq. 23: In order to make these calculations applicable to conditions where amplification or attenuation devices are worn, the insertion gain value (Gi) should be added to the right side of the equation.

Page 20, line above Eq. B1:”B16” should be “B15.”

Page 20, The last sentence above Eq. B1 “The following equation can be used for calculating the audio-visual SII ...” should be changed to read “The following equation can be used for calculating an approximate audio-visual SII...”

Page 21, Table C1, row i=5, column Li under Step 6: the value printed as 0.10 should be changed to 1.00.

Page 22, Table C2, the first row of numbers, value -45.59 should be -46.59.


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